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SANDRA FENNOU por Pablo García

We want you to be part of Hangover Magazine

We want to keep al the models in Hangover Magazine "99% Photoshop Free". What does it mean? For US it means that you can give them the look you want: contrast, curves, levels, etc in the raw file but no skin retouching / softening or changes in body shape. “If it will be there in 2 weeks then you have to leave it there”. Yes, you can remove that spot that popped the day of the shoot. We will ask for Raw files (screenshoot of them) to ensure the submission fulfill the demanded requirements. Hangover Magazine is open to new contributors who wants to participate and show their work. Contact us with any of your ideas, we are interested in creating new relationships with new and established artist. Don’t hesitate! Write to us! If you’re a photographer and you’re eager to collaborate with us, follow the instructions shown on this pages. Make sure you follow these instructions step by step and you’ll be good to go. If you miss some, we probably won’t get back to you. Being accepted for publication doesn’t guaranteed being included in the digital magazine, you can be published as a webitorial. Please, don’t ask where we’ll include your work, we don’t even know until a few days before the final edition of every issue. We will let you know as soon as possible. The magazine will include 10 editorials approximately with 6 to 12 photos each. Some close-up / details are always welcome. If we like the editorial but not some of the pictures, we can ask for more options.  The photographers assume all responsibilities about their submissions and when submitting to us they are warranting they have verified the age of the models they are working with. ONLY OVER 18.


How to submit

Before sending your work

When sending any content (editorials, pictures, videos, articles) to publish in Hangover Magazine you warrant that you have the right or written permission to do so and that the work does not infringe on the copyright or rights of privacy of others. By submitting images you grant Hangover Magazine a non-exclusive license to use the content (photographs in most cases) and that these images may be modified and / or altered to meet the requirements of the magazine in terms of size and layout in both digital edition and webitorials. Also, you give us the right to use the images in a promotional way in any social networks and place the logo of the magazine over the image if needed. If you are a model and you want to send an editorial, we need to have the written consent of the photographer granting a license for use of those pictures to Hangover Magazine. By submitting an editorial you understand that no compensation is obtained. By collaborating and sending any kind of materials to Hangover Magazine you grant that you have read and understood these terms and agree to them. Getting a pull letter doesn’t guaranteed being published. Any expenses of the shooting are on your own risk.

Submiting the editorial

  1. Make sure the subject of your email is set to the following template: Editorial Submission -  Your Name - Name of the editorial Example: Editorial Submission -  John Smith - A lovely Summer 2. When reviewing the images for inclusion we do NOT need them to be in high resolution. Please send thumbnails (1000px on the longest side) JPG, a contact sheet or mounted on a low-resolution PDF. Make sure you have, at least, 6 photos. And add some words about the editorial. 3. Include basic credits of the people involved and some information about you once your editorial is accepted. 4. We will contact you to let you know that we have accepted your work, if we are really convinced that it will go on the digital magazine or website we’ll let you know. 5. Create a folder with your name and put inside all the images at the highest resolution possible. DO NOT FORGET to attach a txt with full credits of the editorial and clothing credits. Compress this folder and send it to the mail we will give you. Probably you’ll have to use a platform like wetransfer.com Full credits include at least the name of all participants and model’s agency (if any). As far as possible we would appreciate having your websites, instagram or facebook page to give credit in the most appropriate way possible for every platform. 6. Hangover Magazine reserves the right not to publish any previously accepted editorial if it does not meet the quality requirements of the magazine at full resolution. 7. Once the magazine is published it can be downloaded from the website and we will send you your tearsheets at the best possible resolution. Collaborating and send all materials to Hangover Magazine indicates that you have read and understood these terms and agree to them. Hangover Magazine reserves the right to publish based on the available space, as well as the quality and consistency of the content.

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